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Outback Guidance is a leading agricultural autosteer guidance system manufacturer. Outback’s products focus on tractor guidance, mapping and precision spraying for ground agriculture and have a solid reputation within the industry, built on award winning technology and dedication to customer service.

Since the beginning, in 2001, Outback Guidance has been dedicated to delivering advanced precision farming systems that are easy to use and affordable. With dedicated customer service and innovative products, we have grown to become one of the world’s leading aftermarket suppliers of GPS systems for agriculture, shipping from our distribution and support centers in Hiawatha Kansas, Winnipeg Canada and Brisbane, Australia. We understand the needs of today’s 21st century farmer and are well-positioned to meet your needs.

New 7″ Outback Maverix gps auto steer spring sale!!!!

7″ Maverix, Edrive M1, ESI2 autosteer

Regular price of $10,500, Spring Sale of $9,500. Kits to fit multiple different pieces of equipment in stock.

Sale valid from april 12 until may 12 2024





Outback RTK Corrections

  • Utilizes A631 All-in-one, Triple-Frequency, Multi-GNSS Receiver Solution

  • Tracks and provides corrections for GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS constellations

  • Fast start up and acquisition times

  • Easy setup and configuration with mobile device (Smartphone or Tablet) using WiFi interface

  • 900 MHz radio for license free communication

  • Mobile use with carrying case and external battery

  • Ideal solution to provide customer owned corrections for Rebel or Maverix Sub-Inch systems

  • Can be combined with another A631 as a rover for tile plows and ditching applications

  • Upgrade your gps signal on your outback equipped seedhawk drills to rtk for more accurate shank placement 

MaveriX Terminals

  • 7″ and 10″ high-definition touch screen with pinch to zoom capability

  • New User Interface for intuitive handling and customer experience

  • Tablet like operation

  • Customizable widgets allow the user to define their own screen layout based on preference and operation

  • Up to 6 working screen layouts that can be saved and changed on the fly

  • Detailed 3D machine models and advanced viewing angles

  • Easily connected with built in WiFi to support over-the-air software updates and RTK/NTRIP corrections without the need for additional hardwares.

Outback eDrive ESI²

  • Combined with either XD or XC delivers accurate automated steering performance

  • Easy calibration

  • Simple installation

  • Model specific kits allow for quick installation by the grower

  • Whisper quiet/high torque electric wheel works on even the hardest to steer vehicles

Outback eDriveM1

  • Next generation steering controller

  • Available for ESI2 or hydraulic applications

  • Utilizes 6 axis Inertial Measurement Unit to provide growers with reliable centimeter level performance

  • Easy, multi-step calibration process to support end customer installation

  • Integrated valve driver to utilize hydraulic retrofit and OEM valves without the need for additional hardware

  • Supports Straight, Contour, AB-Contour, and Circle Pivot steering modes

  • Integrates Shuttle Shift and reverse steering capabilities

  • Features eTurns for automated headland turns

  • Easy installation with over 1,500 models covered

  • Facilitates precise steering tasks such as tillage, spraying, harvesting, spreading, planting, bedding, and nutrient placement

Outback AC110

  • Single product rate control

  • Up to 10 section autoboom shutoff

  • Variable rate compatible

  • Controls liquid, dry, and anhydrous ammonia

  • Simple auto calibration procedure

  • Works seamlessly with STX, MAX, and REBEL terminals

  • Integrated rate and section control eliminates cab clutter

Outback A631

  • All-in-one, Triple-Frequency, Multi-GNSS Receiver Solution

  • Tracks GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS constellations

  • Fast start up and reacquisition times with scalable accuracy

  • Interference Mitigation technology

  • Supports Atlas Global Correction Service for improved performance and repeatability over SBAS

  • Available dual serial, NMEA 2000/CAN, and GSI pulse output interface options

  • RTK Upgrade Option – compatible with A631 RTK base station and cellular RTK networks

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